About Me

Analyst-programmer in Industrial Computing by training and Systems Administrator for more than 10 years it didn't take more to fall into the PowerShell!

It was done in 2016 by my membership in the French PowerShell User Group.

Since then, I have automated my daily administration tasks to the maximum and tried to share them with the community through my blog.


All multimedia resources

FRPSUG Meetup (Youtube channel)

Powershell Lightning Demos of 06/02/2019: Presentation of tasks in Visual Studio Code

Powershell Lightning Demos from 02/26/2019: management of identifiers in scripts (BetterCedential)

Create your PowerShell modules with Plaster: Presentation of the use of Plaster to generate the structure of your modules

Powershell Lightning Demos of 04/16/2019: Presentation of the scope of variables

Show me your profile ! : Presentation of the different profiles usable for tuning your PowerShell environment

Tips & Tricks

Set of little tricks - Tips...

Get all of the Active Directory's Windows 7 posts and test the Ping

(Get-ADComputer -Filter {OperatingSystem -like "*Windows 7*"}).Name | `
foreach -Parallel { Test-Connection -ComputerName $_ -Count 1} -ThrottleLimit 3